Golden Yogis Chair Yoga

Jordan River is a certified yoga instructor for Experience Yoga in Carson City, NV. 

The class will be exclusively in the style of chair yoga to accommodate anyone with limited mobility, difficulty standing or moving on a mat, or getting up and down off the ground. Although chair yoga may sound easy, it can be a challenging and rewarding way to increase your fitness or heal from injury.
The practice of chair yoga involves modifying traditional yoga postures to be done while seated in a chair or standing while using the chair for balance and stability. Participants can expect to move their bodies to stretch and strengthen, while focusing their minds and connecting with their breath.

Chair yoga is great for reducing stress and anxiety, improving flexibility and balance, and promoting overall physical and well-being. It is a gentle, accessible, and effective way to improve physical and mental wellness, regardless of age or ability level.

The class is proudly called The Golden Yogis and is free to drop in. Just show up!

Dates, Times & Location: Monday 1:00 PM-2:00 PM in the Nevada Room.

Fee: Free