Meals on Wheels Eligibility


Meals on Wheels provides a nutritious, fresh meal, delivered Monday through Friday and frozen meals for weekend and holiday closures. Fresh meals consist of a combination of hot and cold entrees, sides, fruit or dessert and milk, all prepared and packaged in our commercial kitchen by a team of kitchen staff in accordance to all local food code regulations. Each meal meets one-third of a senior’s dietary needs and includes a variety of proteins including seafood, whole-wheat products, legumes, no salt added seasoning and zero frying for a balanced, wholesome meal.

Income status is not used to determine eligibility although that information is captured for statistical purposes. Many of our clients have a debilitating illness that causes a hardship to shop for groceries and/or prepare meals in their home. Some are caretakers for a highly impaired spouse or family member that needs assistance to take cooking one meal off their plate.


Meals on Wheels of Carson City relies on funds from a variety of sources; including client contributions, support from federal and state programs, and community donations. While no client will be denied a meal because of an inability to pay, every donation we receive during this time of increased food and fuel costs will be greatly appreciated.


To qualify for Meals on Wheels, our staff will assess prospective seniors to determine if they meet eligibility requirements set forth by our granting agency, Aging and Disability Services Division. Here are the basic criteria we use for qualification:

  1. Must be age 60 or older,
  2. Must reside in the county of Carson City, Nevada
  3. Unable to shop or cook meals due to advancing age, illness, disability and/or geographic location

If you qualify based on criteria listed above, please call the Carson City Senior Center at (775) 883-0703 for more information regarding qualification for Meals on Wheels or fill out our online Client Request. Once your request has been reviewed, we will contact you to complete the enrollment process. 


Please understand that due to budgetary issues, current levels of inflation and ongoing needs for additional fundraising in our difficult economic environment, we have had to institute a waitlist for our Meals on Wheels program.  We understand that this may be difficult for some yet we need to make sure that the program has the ability to meet its financial and community obligations.  Please continue to fill out the Client Request and we will give you information at that time about the anticipated length of time it may be before we can begin your deliveries.  We apologize for the hardship that this creates and we hope that this will not be a long-lived policy.


Eligible adults are 60 years of age and older that live in the county of Carson City, Nevada, who are unable to shop or cook meals due to advancing age, illness, disability, or geographic isolation that prohibits them from eating in a congregate setting.

We have a suggested contribution amount of $2.25 per meal, but clients may contribute any amount they are comfortable with paying.

We deliver a fresh lunch Monday through Friday with frozen meals for the weekends and major holidays.  Every week you will receive a half-gallon of milk.

On a rare occasion, we must cancel meal delivery to ensure the safety of our staff due to dangerous road conditions. In the event that weather conditions cause us to cancel delivery, we will make every effort to contact each client.

We also monitor the weather, and if we can see that a storm is going to hit, we will do our best to make sure that everyone receives enough meals to cover the duration of the storm.

  • A nutritional meal with a balanced diet
  • Nutritional independence from friends and family
  • Restore/maintain good health
  • Social interaction with our drivers

You can call our office at 775-883-0703 for assistance, or complete the Client Request. Once we receive your completed request, we will contact you to complete the process. 

We are happy to mail you or a loved one an application form as well.