Facility Rental

Are you looking for a facility for your event? We have a variety of rooms available for a fee. 

Here is the process:

For all reservations

  1. Earliest start time is 8am. Latest end time is 10pm. Time must be consecutive in one-hour increments.
  2. Capacity of the dining room is 200 people.
  3. Facility space included: bathrooms, dining room, chairs (180), tables (32, 48” round)
  4. No access to hallways, galley, or ice machine.
  5. Facility decorations, artwork, ceiling hanging decorations are not to be removed; no decorations are to be attached to any wall, ceiling, or light fixture.

Application Process

  1. Applicant completes agreement. CLICK HERE FOR COPY OF THE AGREEMENT
  2. After agreement is sent to the Center, we verify all signatures are complete and the agreement is complete with particular focus on length of event and if alcohol will be served.
  3. Applicant provides $25.00 non-refundable application fee with the agreement.
  4. Agreement given to Finance for processing.


  1. We review the Agreement and decide if the application is approved or denied.
  2. The applicant is called with determination and further instructions.
    • If denied, we will provide an explanation and alternatives/corrections to agreement to obtain approval.
    • If approved, applicant to pay 25% of deposit to hold date.
    • Reservation not complete until 25% of deposit is received by the Center.

75 Days before Event

  1. We confirm all pre-event steps are complete: payment in full, Certificate of Insurance, completed agreement and security.
    • We will call the applicant if further attention is needed, noting the 60 day deadline per agreement.
  2. We review the Certificate of Insurance.
    • Event date covers all hours of event.
    • Host Bar/Liability is covered for events serving alcohol.
    • The Certificate has a minimum of $1,000,000 limited liability coverage.
    • Additionally insured are documented to be:
      1. Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive, Carson City, NV 89706
      2. City of Carson City, 201 N. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701
  3. We review the Contract for security needs (events with alcohol over four hours)

Cancelled Events

  1. The applicant notifies us of intent to cancel through a cancellation notice in writing from Applicant as per the agreement – handwritten on original agreement is acceptable.
  2. We confirm the effective date and if the cancellation policy applies to determine refund eligibility.
  3. We copy the cancellation notice and agreement and provide to Finance, noting the refund to apply.